by Chris Weeks



"NASA Confirms the Existence of Water on The Moon"

This ambient/longform piece is inspired by the recent confirmation by NASA officials at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of the first definitive evidence of water on the surface of the Moon. This discovery settles a decades-long debate about whether the substance was ice or simply hydrogen.

"Ice Confirmed at the Moon's Poles..."

In the darkest and coldest parts of its polar regions, a team of scientists has directly observed definitive evidence of water ice on the Moon's surface. These ice deposits are patchily distributed and could possibly be ancient. At the southern pole, most of the ice is concentrated at lunar craters, while the northern pole's ice is more widely, but sparsely spread.

With enough ice sitting at the surface -- within the top few millimeters -- water would possibly be accessible as a resource for future expeditions to explore and even stay on the Moon, and potentially easier to access than the water detected beneath the Moon's surface.

Learning more about this ice, how it got there, and how it interacts with the larger lunar environment will be a key mission focus for NASA and commercial partners, as we endeavour to return to and explore our closest neighbour, the Moon.


released September 28, 2018
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