Digital Isolation

by Chris Weeks

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Ews Nsj that peculiar jar which contains pandora’s selfie. we once again find ourselves in a push for further ”convenience” (bringing ”the world” to the fingrr tips) while both conciously and unconsciously sacrificing intricate hidden advantages of -not- being entirely immersed in keeping up a digital online profile in our ’idle’ moments. i always think of the image of ouroboros, Chris. when something cannot be denied then it must, hold a certain basic truth beyond the clutches of good and evil. but what cannot be physically stopped must be somehow used against itself to negate its driving intrusive nature. and this is why there is a kind of hope in the art (like this ep) of the digital realm, but it relies heavily on us as individuals to visit wisely. thanks for this one


Digital Isolation was inspired by the recently well documented “loneliness epidemic”. It focuses on the idea of polarising social media being a prime cause of isolation, pushing us apart rather than bringing us together; as it was initially intended to do. It plays upon the adage linked to depression, that you can be in a room surrounded by your favourite people and yet still feel completely alone.


released November 30, 2018

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